by Phil Valentine

“It doesn’t matter how much truth comes out of your mouth.
If no one is listening … you’re wasting your breath!”

Believability Is Everything


Better trial performances.

Attorney Performance Training

Optimal persuasive performances for attorneys.


Corporate Execs

Better business presentations.

Executive Performance Training

Make business presentations that get noticed.



Present with confidence.

Entrepreneur Performance Training

Learn how to present to leads, prospects, and clients.


Public speaking is the number 1 fear of most Americans.


Award-winning actor and performance coach, Phil Valentine, tells you WHY you get nervous, WHEN you got that way, and HOW to get over it ... permanently!

Phil Valentine Cinema City

Mastering Influence for Success

When freezing up and stage fright isn't an option ... you need a performance coach like Phil Valentine.

How YOU benefit?

  • Build your confidence

  • Reach your full potential

  • Work with your strengths

  • Deal with your insecurity

  • Face your fears & work past them


“I don’t know anyone who teaches what Phil Valentine teaches… and I don’t know anyone who doesn’t need to learn it!”

Beejal Parmar

Marketing Guru, Beyond Marketing

“I purposely turned down promotions knowing I would have to do more public speaking. But after Phil’s class I look forward to presenting to groups. The bigger, the better!”

Carol Gerace

Corporate Executive

“I’ve been in movies most of my life. I grew up in the entertainment business. Phil makes me wish I could do all those movies over!”

Sandy Hackett

Actor, comedian. Star of “Tribute”

“The most original and unique technique on acting I’ve ever known! It can help you in any area of performing! As a clown I used to hide behind tons of make-up. Now I’m not afraid to show my face when I perform!”

Benjamin Tucker

Actor, Circus Clown

Phil Valentine Davey Award
Phil Valentine Telly Award
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